Gabillou_SorcierWhether by design (top down) or by evolution (bottom up) humans have survival advantages; agile hands, big brains, language, culture and technology.

Wise creatures implement their given advantages fully before seeking to acquire others.

Since Google is a technology available to all, learning its full capabilities gives you an edge in school and life.

The following are Google functions that I find useful; because web browsers vary these descriptions are based on my experiments in Chrome (Google’s browser) and in the search text field at

Talk to Google: open Chrome, go to, make sure your mic is on, say “OK google” and tell it what you want such as “OK google plaid cats” or something. Just be careful to mute the mic if you talk in your sleep.

Google Timer: enter a command such as “set timer 5 min” which is the duration to prepare a soft boiled egg. Choose hours, minutes, and seconds for whatever tasks you want an alert beeper.

Google Daylight: enter “sunrise corvallis” to find out what time the sun raises in the rain; this works for “sunset” and “dusk” and also the dates of holidays such as “guy fawkes day”.

Google Eat: Know what you are eating by comparing options in the search field such as “hotdog vs celery” (if you have to look that up, you should).

Google Scholar: strategically search the academic literature and be sure to cite the sources that you use. Google Scholar is a useful addition, not a replacement, to OSU’s superior library search tools.

Google Alerts: Create research bots that deliver results faithfully to your email inbox.

Google Calculator: Enter math equations or conversions directly into the Google Search field, including 2D and 3D graphs.

Google Fonts: Preview and tweak text to find fonts that suit your need thentelugu_google_font download them at

Safe Browsing: You can easily review any web site for activity history related to malware. This is a must-do before downloading anything and a good tool for checking out suspicious links in emails. To use this tool, paste the following string into a browser address field;

and append the URL that you want to investigate to the end of that string.

For instance, to check Oregon State University’s Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC) site for malware risks, use the following:

Clean as a wren’s whistle thanks to Mark Dinsmore’s masterful management.  You already know try before you buy, now you can and should check before you select.

Google Flight: enter departure and designation in the search field for flight information such as “portland to riyadh”.

Google Culture: Find lists of “poems by hughes”, “books by plato”, “paintings by mary cassatt”, “photographs by adams”, “architecture by gaudi”, “sculptures by maya lin”, “images by banksy”, “songs by weird al yankovich”.

Big Data: Google’s Big Picture Group produces experimental datagoogle_music_timeline visualizations of large-scale dynamic data. Every university graduate needs to understand big data.

Google Charts: Add dynamic data visualizations to your websites and apps from online data sources.

Google Code: Dart is Google’s web programming language that is intended as a successor to Javascript (circa 1005), which along with PHP pretty much runs the web. Google sets out to make learning Dart accessible to beginners. No matter what your degree, your education will not be complete until you have some ability in programming because having that skill is the difference between being a consumer and a producer; college graduates need to be producers. Dr. Tech advises that you learn the fundamentals of Dart or Javascript.

Google Business: Every university student should start and run a small business for the experience that it brings. Google’s Get Your Business Online” tools are useful once you have a business plan. You will never have greater access to resources for starting a business than at the university.

Build with Chrome: The 3D web is our future and learning to build there is a 3028008266_0c5098a738critical skill which you may practice by building lego structures in virtual Corvallis or anywhere using Chrome at “”. If you want virtual 3D creation help contact OSU’s TAC.

By the time you read this Google will have new native functions as will other web tools; share what you find.

Those who know how to find and use new functionalities gain advantage; my point being that it is to your advantage to know how to fully use what you have before seeking something new.

Happy hunting and gathering.


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