turning_nxtSeniors, Juniors, Sophomores.  Lend me your ears!

Let’s start with the base facts.

-Everyone needs a four year license to use the Turning NXT clicker at OSU.

-If you registered an NXT clicker prior to Fall 2015, I sent a new license to you by email in September 2014.

-If your license code is no longer valid or if do not find the email with that license, come to TAC in S15 to get it renewed.

-Used clickers do not come with a license code; you may purchase a four year license code.

-You must connect Canvas to your Turning clicker account. 

-For all help with clickers write to clickers@oregonstate.edu.

-Come to TAC in 317 Waldo M-F 10-4 for hands-on help.

Now for questions and answers.

Dr. Tech: I bought a clicker two years ago and have not used it this year until Spring term. I got a license code in my email but when I tried to apply it to my Turning account it is apparently invalid. What do I do?

Please come see me right away in 317 Waldo M-F 10-4 because I have a new license reserved for you.

In Fall 2015 we upgraded the Turning clicker system to support ResponseWare which uses a license to manage the NXT clicker in combination with your mobile devices.

I acquired and sent by email 16,000 licenses to students who already had an NXT clicker registered in Blackboard.

About 6,500 students redeemed those licenses in order to continue to use their clicker at no additional cost, which was the purpose.

Those no-cost upgrade licenses were redeemable through the end of the Winter 2015 term and are no longer usable.

Your colleagues at TAC went to bat for you once more and have acquired enough licenses to equip students who had registered an NXT clicker in Blackboard prior to F15.

Please get the license reserved for you now, even if you are not using your clicker this term, because these expire at the end of Spring 2015.

Dr. Tech: My sister graduated last year and gave me her clicker. Can I use it in my classes this term?

Yes, you can use a used NXT clicker so long as you acquire – i.e. purchase – a license.

The OSU rate for a four year license is significantly lower than the standard market cost, so come to TAC and we will help you get the correct license.

New students purchase the NXT and four year license at the Beaver Store.

Dr. Tech: Can I just buy a license code to use my phone without buying a clicker? I don’t mind using clickers but why do we have to have licenses and buy a clicker when I just want to use my phone?

Please do not buy a Turning license without an NXT clicker because, of the approximately 100 course sections using clickers this term, most have not enabled ResponseWare, which means that your investment will be usefulness.

The OSU clicker system is hybrid by design – physical clicker plus mobile options – and I am open to explaining that strategy to students, faculty and anyone.

That strategy works at a very large scale and save students money over all.

Dr. Tech: Is the whole license and clicker thing just another way to get more money out of students?

No, the OSU interactive classroom strategy, including clickers, is designed to help instructors to teach and students to learn.

OSU does not profit from clicker sales, rather Information Services invests in supporting students and faculty’s using the system.

Managing the clicker system is my responsibility and maintaining that system within a reasonable cost to students is a primary objective in my strategy.

The major threat to student expenses from clicker systems is the potential of the proliferation of multiple response systems (clickers) being required for various courses.

At OSU about 170 instructors use Turning clickers in about 100 course sections each term with about 12,000 student users per term and 20,000 clicker users overall.

There are more than 30 response system products on the market so that if individual instructors selected separate products, students would end up purchasing multiple clicker systems resulting in much higher costs than you presently bear.

The Turning system averages out to about $15 per year for a student over four years.

I am not saying that cost is insignificant but I am asserting that it is a far lower cost to students than multiple clicker system environment would require.

I take this responsibility seriously and accept the full weight of the consequences, so please feel welcome to share your concerns and ideas with me about clickers at any time.

Moreover, if you are ever uncertain about your clicker bundle or have any issue regarding it, please come to me for consultation.

I will listen seriously and if I can help, take action to benefit you.

For all help with clickers write to clickers@oregonstate.edu