Who wants to talk about death?vintage-1751222_960_720

Many people, it turns out.

Every week for the last two years, Death Café Corvallis has met to give anyone who cares to a space to share their thoughts on mortality.

Some weeks it is one person, at others it is ten. At most sessions there is someone new to the conversation and often folks who keep coming back.

On a recent sunny afternoon McKenzie and Piper showed up; both Oregon State undergraduates pursuing a writing assignment.

At first they listened thoughtfully taking notes, soon they began to share their own experiences.

Their participation resulted in an article that instructor Thomas Strini deemed strong enough to publish in The Corvallis Review: Death Café Corvallis: A Club All About Death.

We applaud McKenzie and Piper for their thoughtful work, Thomas for the inspiration that he gives to learners, and to all the intelligent and sincere individuals who continually make and remake Death Cafe Corvallis.adult-2028245_960_720Image Acknowledgements:  

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adult-2028245_960_720.png – CC0

Errata: In regards to academic rank, I am an Instructor of Philosophy, not a Professor.
Much of my life has been in the company of young people like McKenzie and Piper, 17-25 years old, the typical age range of undergraduates. I believe that is part of what sustains me in a youthfully optimistic state.

Conversations on topics such as in this post are common at Death Café Corvallis, in which you are welcome to participate.